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Guidelines & Information

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WCF Granting Guidelines & Evaluation Criteria

Please note that available funding may not permit assistance to all applicants. Please read carefully to ensure that your organization meets the eligibility criteria.

  1. Westminster College Foundation provides grants to non-profit registered charitable organizations with a charitable registration number in good standing in London, Middlesex, and Elgin counties which support youth and seniors’ well-being. Please see Program/Project Grants tab for more information.
    Community service organizations that currently do not have charitable status and are without a registered charitable number are considered to be non-qualified donees. Non-qualified donees are eligible to submit grant applications as long as they partner with a registered charitable organization. A partnership letter will be required from the registered charitable organization in the granting application. For more information, please contact WCF’s office.
  2. There are two types of grants that are applicable for funding requests. Funding is available for programs/projects and capital grants. All applications must provide clear and concrete objectives for the funding requested.
  3. The maximum grant available is $25,000.
  4. Organizations must demonstrate that they have a strong committed Board, fiscal responsibility and management qualifications.
  5. Grants are not made to establish or add to endowment funds.
  6. Final reports indicating actual outcomes are to be submitted no later than a month following the program/project completion date.
  7. Any portion of awarded grant funds not used during the funding period or which did not meet the approved objectives must be returned to Westminster College Foundation within 1 month of the end of the program/project completion date.

Application Evaluation Criteria

  1. Programs/projects that demonstrate creative development of new initiatives that make a difference in the community are given preference during the evaluation process.
  2. The budget submission supporting the request must specifically relate to the program/project in the application. Budget submissions should have clear and specific breakdown. Please see the Budget item tab for more details.
  3. Programs/projects should have a definite purpose, covering a specific period of time and ideally will continue to have an impact after the grant is expended.
  4. Preference will be given to funding requests that have at least 50% of the funding from other sources.