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Budget Information

Budget Information

The funds requested from WCF may be part of a larger program/project. If it is part of a larger program/project, the costs listed should be for the entire program/project. If it is a stand-alone program/project then the costs should be just for this program/project.

Please provide a specific breakdown of the costs. All expenditures must be program/project related and be incurred during the funding period. Please note, next to each expense there is a detail description section that gives adequate space to list the breakdown of costs.

Please see below for an explanation of each budget line:


  • Staff Salary – Salary expense directly relating to the program/project will be considered. Be specific with hourly wage and number of hours needed relating to the delivery of this program/project.
  • Purchased Services – Costs related to the services contracted for consultants/contractors, subject experts, relating to the delivery of the program/project.
  • Materials and Supplies – Items purchased specifically for use relating to the delivery of this program/project.
  • Capital Costs – Costs related to repairs, renovations, equipment purchased specifically for use in the delivery of this program/project.
  • Equipment Costs – Costs related to equipment needed for the delivery of this program/project.
  • Software Costs – Computer and software purchased specifically for use relating to the delivery of this program/project.
  • Other – Any other costs or expenses not already listed above.

Program/Project Funding

  • Confirmed/Secured Total Funding – Name the sources of funding you have already secured from other funders or through donations.
  • Unconfirmed/Pending Total Funding – Funding that you are seeking from other organizations or donations that have not been confirmed/secured.
  • In Kind Contributions – A donation that is a non-cash gift made to your organization. These donations can be made in the form of time, services, expertise, and goods. Examples of this could include volunteer hours, materials or supplies, free rental space, donated professional services, etc.
  • Funding Requested from WCF – The amount of funding you are requesting from Westminster College Foundation.
  • Total Program Funding – Add together all program funding (confirmed/secured, unconfirmed/pending, in kind contributions and funding requested from WCF). Total Program funding should equal Total Expenses.